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Delivery Request

We are so happy to be able to offer affordable food boxes through our COVID Emergency Delivery Program. If you are able to pay for your requested order, please do so — it enables us to continue to provide this service. If you are unable to pay, there are a limited number of donated food boxes available.

Please let us know what you need...

Interpreter services are available in the following languages:

Arabic : إذا كنت تتحدث العربية وتريد مساعدة في تعبئة هذا الطلب، يرجي الاتصال علي رقم P: 403-616-4122

Tagalog: Kung ikaw ay nangangailangan ng tulong sa pagpuno ng form na ito at ikaw ay nag sasalita ng Tagalog mangyaring tumawag sa 403-616-4122

Vietnamese: Nếu quý khách cần sự giúp đở bằng tiếng Việt đễ điền vào mẫu đơn này xin vui lòng gọi số 403-616-4122

 Simplified Chinese: 如果您说普通话并在填表的过程中需要帮助,请您拨403-616-4122

 Traditional Chinese: 如果您講國語並在填表的過程中需要幫助,請您撥打 403-616-4122

Spanish: Solicitud de Pedido: También puedes encontrar esta página en español, click aquí.

Please fill out this delivery request form if you are in isolation and are unable to get food in other ways such as through family and friends.

In isolation means:

  • You fall into a category that puts you at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 such as age or pre-existing medical conditions.
  • You have no symptoms but a history of possible exposure to the novel coronavirus due to travel outside of Canada or close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19
  • You have symptoms, even if mild
  • You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are waiting for the results of a lab test for COVID-19

There will be a limited number of food boxes that will be delivered for free for those in emergency financial situations that are funded through generous donations on our GoFundMe page.

Emergency Financial Situations are defined as follows:

  • You fall into a low-income category
  • Your household income has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Special circumstance (detailed explanation required)

Requests will be approved on a basis of need and food availability with those in emergency situations being the highest priority.

Filling out this form does not confirm your order. If your request has been approved, we will send a confirmation email directly to you with payment options. Please note that access to donated boxes will require a follow-up phone call from our team to confirm eligibility.

If you need assistance filling out this form please call our team. 

In Edmonton, call 780-809-1962.

In Calgary, call 587-779-5009.

Thank you for your patience.

Looking for additional resources? Check out our continually updating spreadsheet of available resources in Alberta.

Food Box Contents

A full food box is $15. Below is a breakdown and example of a food basket. Please note that the exact contents of the produce boxes may change based on availability. If you would like to purchase more, you may double your food basket to $30. You can have a $10 produce add on.

Extra Produce Order

Includes all of the following:

If you need assistance filling out this form, please call our team:

In Edmonton, call 780-809-1962.

In Calgary, call 587-779-5009.